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Labuan Bajo Full Day Adventure


  • Padar Island

    • Has been named one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO. Stretching over 40,728 hectares, Padar is the third largest island in the national park, after Komodo and Rinca. What's interesting about the island of Padar is the existence of high uphill hills. These hilltops will reveal the beauty of the island that cannot be described in words. From the top, you can see an extraordinary beauty, the expanse of the hill branching branches dividing the sea.

  • Komodo Island

    •  Located between the islands of Sumba and Flores with a surface area of 390 square kilometers which is inhabited by more than 4,000 inhabitants and is part of the KNP (Komodo National Park). Komodo Island is also awarded as the New Seven Wonders of Nature which is an award for the seven best natural attractions in the world.

  • Pink Beach

    • A beach on Komodo Island which is very famous which is one of only 7 pink sandy beaches in the world. The reddish sand comes from coral fragments around it. Clear blue sea water, diverse underwater flora, and fauna make Pink Beach popular as one of the favorite spots for snorkeling and diving

  • Taka Makassar

    • A beautiful softcore area and it is not uncommon to see turtles there. Sand island which is located right next to the Komodo island is unique. Because it's not just one, but there are two sand islands that stick to the mainland. A small part of the island already has plants, such as grass and grass. Swimming or snorkeling around Taka Makassar is also safe because it has currents that are not tight and deep

  • Manta Point

    • Also known as Karang Makassar, is the most popular and recommended snorkeling and diving spot, which is also an asylum from manta rays, where divers will meet a variety of these harmless giant fish in it. Various beautiful coral reefs can also be found starting from a depth of 2 meters to 9 meters. You will also see various marine biota, sea turtles, sharks, eagle rays, cuttlefish, large shells, etc. while snorkeling. Diving and snorkeling in this spot will provide a very memorable and amazing experience.

  • Kanawa Island 

    • An island located 15 km from the center of Labuan Bajo and is also a paradise for nature and ocean lovers, with milk as white as sand, turquoise water, beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish in the sea. Snorkeling is a mandatory activity on this island.​​

Package Includes:

  • Free Snorkeling Equipment Rental

  • Local Tour Guide

  • 1x lunch on a boat

  • 1x snack and fresh fruits

  • Free Pickup ride from the hotel around Labuan Bajo

  • Insurance Charges

  • Speed Boat Fees

Package Excludes:

  • Breakfast

  • Entrance Fees at Komodo National Park - Pay at Rinca Island

    • Foreign Tourist (Weekday: IDR 250k, Weekend: IDR 350k)

    • Local Tourist (IDR 70k) 


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